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Disposable Castor Oil Pack 30 inch x 19 inch - 1 pack


Preparation and Use of Castor Oil Packs
-Protect your linens by placing an unused Disposable Pack (#755 with the green plastic side down) on your bed.
-With another Disposable Pack, pour Castor Oil in the middle of the absorbent white material, using the green side against the heating pad. Add enough castor oil to cover the desired area for the application, enough to saturate the cloth but not dripping. Apply the saturated cloth to the desired area. The heating pad may now be applied. Begin with a medium setting on the heating pad, and then proceed to higher temperatures if comfortable. The pack should remain in place for 30 to 60 minutes.
-Cleanse the skin afterward by using CastorWash Product #759. Apply solution to wash cloth and cleanse area.
-Store the Disposable Pack in a plastic bag or container for future use. It need not be discarded after one application. For maximum shelf life, store in cool, dark place or refrigerate between uses. Upon subsequent use, add a small amount of Castor Oil to bring the cloth back to saturation. Replace disposable pack within 8-10 uses.
-For maximum effectiveness, use Baar Castor Oil, the finest cold pressed, cold processed Castor Oil available. Always seek medical advice prior to use of this therapy. Do NOT use during pregnancy or during menstrual flow.

Disposable Packs are Plastic coated on one side for added protection and a non-dyed, vegetable source natural fiber on the other. They are Disposable so packs remain fresh and impurity free. Can be used for approx. 8-10 applications. Instructions included with all castor oil packs.

Note:Disposable packs are sent without castor oil on them.