GLASS WATER BOTTLE (Eco-friendly & Reusable) 500ml – Thank You by Natures Design


The first 100% eco bottles in the world.

By Natures Design they are named “THANK YOU”, because if our planet had the ability to speak, it would utter the following words to Nature’s Design company and all the users of our bottles: “Thank you for choosing our bottles in favour of the plastic ones.” During the development phase of the bottles that took a year and a half, the most time and energy was invested into developing a 100% eco-friendly wooden cap that would also provide sufficient sealing.

The BEST WATER BOTTLE in the world, carry your water in this amazing organic water bottle, givng the water you drink the love, respect and energy it deserves.

The first ever ECO bottle 100% Natural/Organic Materials, 100% renewable. Handcrafted traditional workmanship made from glass, cork, wood, caoutchouc.

After 18 months of hard work Natures Design introduced the first 100% eco bottles in the world! What makes these bottles so special is that they are made only of natural and degradable materials, which do not burden the environment. The eco bottles were introduced to the public for the first time on 14th of February 2015 at the BioFach fair held in Germany. Where they were given Product of the Year award.

The bottle is made exclusively of natural materials: glass, wood, cork, metal, etc. They have an appealing design, give user satisfaction and have a proven long life. In our attempt to care for the environment, any bottle part that becomes worn or missing can be purchased individually at any time. This will enable the long use of the bottle without imposing any additional impact on the environment.

Thank you water bottle

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