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Atrantil PRO, Polyphenol & Spore Biotic Therapy, 90 Capsules


Atrantil’s Atrantil PRO is a new nutraceutical that relieves bloating and abdominal discomfort (with or without constipation or diarrhea) caused by gas in the gut. Developed by a gastroenterologist, Atrantil works differently than probiotics or any other remedy. It attacks problem bacteria and the gas they produce at the source. Atrantil’s three natural botanicals work together to produce long-term relief for these difficult-to-treat digestive symptoms while promoting a healthy gut.

The Atrantil Pro formula is a combination of two clinically proven GI support supplements, balanced for optimal restoration and protection of digestive function.

This combination is the most studied comprehensive OTC option for health professionals.

Primary Indications:

  • Bloating
  • Leaky Gut
  • IBS
  • Change in Bowel Habits
  • Abdominal Discomfort

Other considerations:

  • Systemic inflammation
  • Autoimmune concerns
  • Active Athletes

Allergen Information


Proprietary Blend
Quebracho (Quebracho colorado) heartwood extract, Horse Chestnut extract aescins (Aesculus hippocastanum) seed, Peppermint Leaf (Mentha haplocalyx) extract, Bacillus subtilis HU58, Bacillus coagulans (SC-208), Bacillus clausii (SC-109)
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Capsule (Hypromellose


Take 2 capsules per day, up to 3x per day, with food.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. If you are taking prescribed medication, have any medical condition or are pregnant or breast-feeding please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking food supplements.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings Per Container: 45Amount Per Serving:
Proprietary Blend, contains 510 mg of:
– Quebracho (Quebracho colorado) heartwood extract
– Horse Chestnut Extract Aescins (Aesculus hippocastanum) seed
– Peppermint Leaf (Mentha haplocalyx) extract
– Bacillus subtilis HU58, Bacillus coagulans (SC-208), and Bacillus clausii (SC-109) (3 billion per day dose)

Other Ingredients:
Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable capsule (hypromellose).

*Contains Tree Nut (Horse Chestnut Extract).*

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