Looking for a virtual Natural Dispensary?

Prescribe professional-grade supplements from YourHealthBasket

As a practitioner with YourHealthBasket, once you have logged in to your Practitioner Portal, you are able to place orders to be sent directly to your clients or create tailored baskets which can be digitally shared with your client allowing them to place the order themselves – a virtual dispensary at the click of a button.

This system makes supplement recommendations and complex protocols a lot easier for you and your clients.

If you choose to take advantage of a customised portal, we can create a dedicated page for all your clients, showcasing the supplements you recommend. Just ask for more information about your very own natural dispensary portal.

By providing your clients with a direct basket containing the products you recommend through a one-off referral, or linking your client directly to your own page on our website, your client is more likely to continue coming back to our platform.

Personalised treatment and convenience without the need for you to hold stock.

Better for you. Better for All.

Have you used our new practitioner portal yet?

Our new practitioner portal has been released and it’s now easier than ever to link a client’s account and provide them with suggestions using our new protocol system.

Convert to protocol

Convert your current cart into a protocol which can then be assigned to a linked client.

Orders placed after 2pm on 25/08 will be dispatched 29/08 following the UK bank holiday

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